Burt Surveying has a short but distinct history. It was started back in 1994 by Daniel J. Burt. At the time, it had little resources and was operating out of a small one-desk office. But, Dan looked at the community around him, and saw a greater need for surveying services than what was currently being provided. He had no idea of what the future of Burt Surveying would become, or if it would even survive, but his goal was simple: to provide clients with quality, consistent surveying services at affordable prices.

In the years that followed, through the vision and determination of Dan, support from his wife Brenda, and through hard work and sacrifice from its employees, Burt Surveying slowly became a success and began gaining positive recognition in the community. Many new surveying jobs were the result of referrals by other satisfied clients or simply by word of mouth.

However, this success did not come without hardship. Dan tragically passed away in 2006. He was fatally struck by a bolt of lightning while on a surveying project with an employee and a client. He died doing what he loved. To add insult to injury, the entire country would soon be facing a sharp economic downturn, which had already been felt by the business a few years prior. At that point it would’ve been easy to sell or dissolve the business, but the company persevered. Dan’s widow, Brenda, took ownership of the company and it was decided that its employees would act as managers of Burt Surveying’s day-to-day affairs.

Today Burt Surveying has successfully built upon the foundation Dan laid all those years ago. His son, Mark is an integral part of the business and follows in his father’s footsteps, successfully obtaining a degree in land surveying and working for the company. We are still proud to say that many of Burt Surveying’s new jobs come from referrals and positive word-of-mouth within the community. And we are especially proud to say that Burt Surveying stays true to Dan’s legacy of serving the community in which he loved, and which we love, with excellent and affordable surveying services.