Land Surveying

Burt Surveying has been providing high-quality land surveying services in Buffalo County and surrounding areas in western Wisconsin for over 20 years. We take special care with each survey we conduct because we understand how important accuracy as quality is involved in our work. Burt Surveying takes each job seriously and provides a variety of services to assist in your survey needs.

Subdivide Land

We can provide high-precision parcel split services for your personalized needs including for tax reasons.

Certified Survey Maps

We offer certified survey maps services to provide customers with an accurate and reliable guide to their properties.

Topographic Surveys

If you are looking for a more clear and complete mapping of your property, our Burt Surveying team have you covered.


We understand that there are many factors that can change on and around your property. Burt’s Surveying can provide an accurate survey to keep you up to date on your property.

ALTA Services

American Land Title Association (ALTA) surveys is a service we provide that will help eliminate boundary disputes, concerns regarding right of way, and other related concerns.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

At Burt Surveying, we can help put your property on the map with accurate GPS services that will make navigating your property a breeze.

Burt Surveying is the best choice for professional and precise surveying services. Please contact us for more information or to request a quote on your property.